The decision to add a figure section was primarily driven by the lack of a great selection of pilots on the market.

Civilian custom pilots can be found without too much difficulty, but when it comes to military pilots, what is happening is that individuals are collecting BBI, Dragonmodels Century figures, and reselling them as if they were their own products, often taking a 35 dollar doll and reselling it for up to ten times that.

Additionally, there just isn't enough diversity, true type ethnicities of Asian, East Indian, Middle Eastern, Afro American and Hispanic types, and more will be attempted. Older Pilots with character lines in their features would make great Instructor/demo/test pilot figures.

Aside from pilots, We plan to also take a stab at doing historical figures

Below is a render of  3 presidents. we plan on eventually offering the headsculpts in resin.

Our first pilot type we will attempt to take on will be modern Russian fighter jocks. progress pics will be posted in a week or two.

 The figure section will be an experimental section and you are most welcome to follow along.