Primarily, this section, at least for the Raptor, will focus on weapon bays and the basic detailing of such. These plugs are special for me because they were actually built by my Wife!  I printed out the plans and she cut out the parts and assembled them for me while I was working on more complex parts of the Raptor. All I had to do was watch 8 episodes of American Idol with her! what a deal! and what a   woman! LOL! Thanx Babe.


Ok, what will be modeled in this section will be the Lau-142 launcher for the side bays, the Avel ejector for the belly bays, the bays themselves with about 80% of the scale detail.  The launchers initially will be dummy plugs but eventually the plan is to make them along with the doors, fully functional. If you have been following along, you know that first step is to gather real world ref pics, then model in cad, then model with materials. so let's begin.

Side bays which house the Aim-9 sidewinders.


View with the Lau-142 launcher extended.


Belly bays which normally stow Aim-120C, JDAM and SDB ordnance and the Pneumatic Avel ejector.


Avel ejector

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