Viper fuselage 1


Why yet another F-16? After all, everybody and their mother has one these days.

Well, this plug was originally done before most of the china arf companies even existed, and has been waiting patiently for attention. At the time, 6th scale was very large for an f-16 model, but nowadays they are being built all the way up to 1/4 scale.

There are some impressive vipers being done, particularly out of Europe.

The Phunkworks viper project will be like all Phunkworks projects, 1/6th scale, but what will make it unique is that both a single and twin seater will be made.



The plug was originally made in 2002, but had some errors that required extensive modification.


The F-16 as a model is pretty straightforward and no problems are anticipated. the plan is to make the intake and the nozzles switchable  from the smallmouth to the big mouth intake, as well as from the Pratt and Whitney to General Electric nozzle types.

Every effort will be made to have all flight control linkages concealed internally.


The project is currently at stage 2 plug formed but no surface detail. A high scale cockpit is being built.